200 ton precision punch operation points


As long as the precision punch is operated properly, it can not only prolong the precision punch, but also avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. Today, the precision punch supplier will introduce the operation points of the 200-ton precision punch to you.
1. When sending a single blank by hand, special tools (pliers, hooks) must be used. It is strictly forbidden to send and take the blank by hand.
2. If the operation of the equipment is found to be abnormal during the work, resulting in continuous rushing, ineffective operation or electrical failure, it is necessary to stop and check immediately.
3. When using the foot switch on the punch, a protective plate must be added. When the slider is started, the foot must leave the pedal immediately.
4. When operating with more than two people, you should appoint someone to drive, pay attention to coordination and cooperation.
5. When cleaning and checking the equipment, it must be stopped and the power supply must be cut off.
6. When punching a workpiece, hands or feet must leave the button or pedal to prevent misoperation.

7. After the punch is stopped, cut off the power supply, clean and scrub the work surface, remove the mold and refuel the lubrication system.

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