Some application methods of punch die.


The high-speed punch is a stamping die type punching machine. In the gross national product, the professional skills of stamping dies have the driving force of saving materials compared with traditional machining and manufacturing, and are highly efficient. The requirements for the professional skills of operators are not too high, and they can be machined through various die applications. The advantages of products that cannot be achieved by manufacturing have become more and more common.

1. Doubts about the material of the punch die. The material of the punch die will produce scrap rebound. The related factors:

 The sharp level of the die edge. The larger the arc of the edge, the easier it is to produce scrap rebound. 

 The modulus of the mold, the modulus of each process of the high-speed punching machine is inevitable, the modulus of the mold is small, the sharp level of the die edge, the larger the arc of the edge, the easier it is to produce scrap rebound. 

 Whether the gap of the mold is effective, if the gap of the mold is not suitable, it is easy to generate scrap rebound. 

 Whether there are more oils on the surface of the processed board. 5. The tension spring is tired and destroyed.

2. The method of Zhejiang high-speed punch to prevent the punch die from stripping. 

 Application of special anti strip cavity. 

 Moulds are often sharpened, sharpened, and demagnetized. 

 Expand the cavity gap. 

 Use oblique blade die instead of flat blade die. 

 Mould equipment return feeder. 

 Effectively expand the modulus of the mold. 

 Query the fatigue compressive strength of the die spring or the inverted material sleeve.

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