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Company Profile

Established by the combination of Ningbo TaiYiDa Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (established in 2008) and Ningbo Xitian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (Established in 2012) on July 17, 2018, Zhejiang Etone Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Etone” or the “Company”) is a professional large-sized, high-speed and precision forging and pressing equipment manufacturer in China. The Company is located in the coastal open city of Ningbo with a registered capital of RMB 30 million, a total investment of RMB 285 million and a total land occupation of 79,570 m2.  

Our Company is equipped with advanced quality control methods such as a great number of ultra-large precision CNC machining equipment, various precision testing instrument as well as a full set of physical and chemical facilities, and has realized information-based enterprise engineering such as ERP, PDM and CAM. Based on technical cooperation with Japan, the Company mainly manufacturers open and closed 15T-1000T series precision punching machines in various specifications, especially 400T-800T closed double-point medium-speed precision punching machine and double-point, three-point four-guide pin 60T, 80T, 125T, 200T, 220T, 300T, 400T motor iron core high-speed automatic stamping  production lines. The Company has passed CE and ISO9001 quality control certifications at the enterprise level. Before being delivered from the plant, all equipment will undergo a variety of quality assurance tests, and quality assurance is conducted strictly on every part from initial manufacturing to subsequent installation. Static and operational tests are performed whenever a combined accessory is applied to the body. And a certification file for the entire assembly test and shipping process is provided. 

With scientific quality control systems and consummated services of the Company, Etone’s products will be even more recognized and trusted by customers at home and abroad. More than continuous hot sales in over 30 provincial-level regions in China, the products have also been exported to over 30 countries and regions such as Europe, Central America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. 

The Company has established a high-quality management team and recruited first-class professional designers and experienced technical staff. The key to the great success of the Company is a manufacturing team consisting of tens of members with high-speed punch design and manufacturing experience for international brands. The team strives to seek technological improvement for stamping equipment with high quality, low cost, innovative style and excellent safety and to fulfill the service missions so as to gain deeper trust from customers. With such efforts, the products of the Company have not only satisfied the demands of the customers but also been provided with excellent quality and competitiveness. 

It is our constant pursuit and motivation to “Refine the Quality with Professionalism, Take the Lead in Innovation, Adhere to Integrity and Give Priority to Quick Service”. 

On May 18, 2018, in response to the overall planning requirements of Beilun District of Ningbo, the original plant area of over 200,000 m2 of the former TaiYiDa Company was supposed to be relocated as a whole. As carefully considered by the Board of Directors of the Company, it was decided to purchase new site of over 40,000 m2 for manufacturing and office and additional state-owned land of 4 ha. The former Ningbo TaiYiDa Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Xitian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was combined into Zhejiang Etone Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., which was officially registered and established with a registered capital of RMB 30 million on July 17, 2018.  The new combined Company will quickly enter the IPO mode, focus on building the overall image of the Company, strive for extended and intensified domestic and international markets and serve more and more customers with new ideas and high-quality products. 

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