The use of high-speed punch


To understand how to choose a high-speed punch, first of all we need to know what the high-speed punch is used for. Only by understanding the various properties of the high-speed punch can we help customers and friends choose a more suitable high-speed punch.
The concept of high-speed punching machine: the high-speed punching machine is equipped with the corresponding die, and various metal materials are sent to the punching machine through the feeder, and then the corresponding parts are punched out.
Speed of high-speed punch: 200-1000 times per minute
  The benefits of using a high-speed punch:
1. The product is punched out from the high-speed punching machine through the die, and the punched product is of good quality and high precision, avoiding errors in manual operation.
2. The stamping process of the high-speed punch meets the high requirements of some enterprises, such as high speed and many stamped parts.
Products that can be stamped by high-speed punching machines: connectors, EI sheets, LED brackets, lead frames, speaker nets, heat sinks, computers, household appliances, buttons, auto parts, precision electronics, photographic equipment, motor stators and rotors. Stamping of small precision parts processing.

High-speed punch is one of the most advanced and fast metal processing equipments. In today's increasingly high labor productivity, low-speed punch has long been unable to adapt to the ever-changing market changes. Only a high-speed punching machine can ensure that the stamping parts have high precision and a rapid part forming process, and it is also an economic effect that other metal processing methods cannot achieve, such as labor savings, time efficiency savings, and so on.

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