The solution to the high oil temperature of small punch press


If the temperature of the hydraulic system of the small punch press is too high, the air separation pressure and full steam pressure of the air in the hydraulic oil of the machine will increase, and the negative cavitation phenomenon will be more likely to cause fire, which will easily cause the small punch machine to malfunction, and even damage the shutdown and affect our production and processing tasks. Let's take a look at the reasons for the high temperature of hydraulic oil in small punch presses.
1. The reason why the oil temperature of the hydraulic system of the small punch press is too high
We can know from the principle of the hydraulic system of the small punch press that there are two parts that generate heat in the hydraulic system: one is the power element oil pump that converts mechanical energy into pressure energy, and the other is the control element that converts pressure energy into mechanical energy. Components; these two parts will generate heat under normal operating conditions, and these heats are cooled by the cooling system of the system. Because under this pressure, the influence of the pressure factor on the viscosity of the hydraulic oil can be ignored, and the influence of temperature on the viscosity is first considered; when the temperature increases, the cohesion of the oil molecules decreases, and its viscosity decreases.
2. The composition and basic working principle of the hydraulic system of the small punch press
A complete hydraulic system of a small punch press should be composed of these components: power components, execution components, control components, auxiliary components and hydraulic oil; the effect of the power components (the oil pump in the system) is to convert the mechanical energy of the motor into the pressure energy of the liquid, Powers the entire hydraulic system. Therefore, when one or several of these components do not work properly, the oil temperature of the system will rise.
3. Accelerate the aging of hydraulic oil for small punch presses
The oxidation reaction of the hydraulic oil of the small punch press is the main reason for its aging, and the occurrence of the oxidation reaction is closely related to the oil temperature. At a temperature of 10 °C, the oxidation reaction of hydraulic oil doubles, and its life is shortened by 50%.

After solving the problem that the oil temperature of the small punch is too high, we can debug it according to the model and other parameters, do a good job in the treatment of the oil temperature, and debug to the appropriate oil temperature, which can also promote the efficiency of the production line.

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