What is the reason for the "continuous punching" when the precision punch is used?


The "continuous" phenomenon means that the slider of the precision punch press is punched twice during the reciprocating stroke. This is a common failure phenomenon of the punch press. If it is not dealt with in time, it will cause equipment damage and personal injury. In fact, it is easier to solve the problem after understanding the cause of the open-tilt continuous shock phenomenon. let's see:

For precision punching machines, it is very dangerous to automatically run continuously after starting. At this point, we should stop using the device as soon as possible, find out the cause and fix it before continuing to use it. There are also continuous mechanical and electrical causes, such as mechanical: such as rigid clutch rotary key stuck without reset, pneumatic clutch cylinder stuck without reset, electric foot switch or two-hand button contact sticking, valve core or solenoid core Stuck without reset, the intermediate relay circuit is out of control, and electromagnetic interference in other places causes continuous pulses, etc. Mechanical faults are easy to find, while electrical faults are hard to find. It is recommended to find a professional punch electrical engineer to find out.

1. The continuous shock phenomenon occurs in the equipment, most of which are electrical control system problems. However, sometimes the persistent impact issue of the punch cannot be resolved after the electrical system problem is completely eliminated. After many observations and analysis, it is concluded that almost every stroke of the equipment slider is a continuous shock, which is obviously caused by the functional failure of some parts of the electrical control system.

2. Another situation is that the slider of the inclined punch occasionally moves quickly, sometimes good and sometimes bad. At this time, in addition to eliminating electrical system problems by inspection, the pedal linkage in the mechanical transmission system needs to be inspected. When the pedal is depressed, the clutch is in the "off" position, and when the pedal is released, the clutch should disengage. But if the spring in the pedal linkage is weak, the clutch won't work properly, resulting in the occasional continuous shock of the slider.

From the above explanation, it can be seen that the main reason for the continuous impact of the precision punch is that there is a fault in the machine itself. It is beneficial for the user to know this. It is possible to formulate relevant preventive plans for this similar problem to reduce the occurrence of faults and avoid accidents. happened.

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