The working principle of precision punch


Do you know what a precision punch is? In fact, it is a kind of mechanical equipment widely used in the stamping industry, but in recent years, it has been found that the stamping industry has higher and higher requirements for the accuracy, safety and environmental protection of stamping equipment, so the precision punch There are more and more manufacturers, so how does the precision punch work?
During the operation of the precision punching machine, the automatic precision punching line passes through the solid table press received by the die support plate of the two lifting cylinders. The supporting plate specified by the die-casting die is installed in the die, and the die is fixed on the paper. The module precision punch is continuously left to the left at a certain speed from left to right or right to the die.
The precision punching machine drives the work of the pulley through the motor, drives the belt drive pulley to rotate passively, actively, and then drives the active crankshaft pulley, and drives the active stamping by the reverse rotating crankshaft driven by the crankshaft gear. When the speed rotates in the opposite direction, driven by the synchronous movement of the four sets of crank connecting rods, the shaft of the four connecting rods 2 is movably connected by the lower end of the sliding piece device, and at the lower end the four connecting rods are driven by the reciprocating motion. Reciprocating and sliding the punch up and down, the upper die and the lower die and the die are made by the relative movement of the punched sheet in between.
The precision punch presses one end of the elastic sheet fixed to the body, and the other end is fixed to the sliding device, the precision punch to limit the sliding member along the movement direction, and further the displacement direction of the left sliding rod means that there is no limit in the vertical direction The movement, the movement direction of the rear slider means that the front cover is set, the curve defined by the 4 rollers, but the curve of the roller and the wheel side of the slider relative to the rolling device, then the movement of sliding in the vertical direction is not subject to Restricted, through the elastic plate and the curved roller, only the effect of moving up and down in the vertical direction and the joint action of the four upper die high-speed punch slider devices to be linked and the lower die positioning are accurate.

The above are some introductions about the working principle of precision punching machines. If you need precision punching machines, you can contact us directly!

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