Matters needing attention when using CNC punching machine for forming mold


The existence of the punch press is also helpful for mold processing. I believe that everyone will be familiar with the CNC punch press. Today, the editor mainly wants to share with you the precautions for using CNC punches for forming molds:
1. When using the forming die, the CNC punch is strictly prohibited from punching without a plate, and the die cannot be punched empty. At the same time, the tightness of the locking screw should be checked frequently, otherwise it will easily lead to the damage of the CNC punch and the forming die.
2. The forming direction of the forming mold should be selected as far as possible to form upward, so as to avoid the deformation of the product caused by the collision between the formed shape and the steel ball on the worktable.
3. The lower die of the upward molding die is usually higher than the standard lower die, so try not to use the punching die station next to it to avoid indentation on the plate. When the molding die is not in use, please take out the oil from the machine tool and store the mold cabinet Inside, prevent rust and dust from causing mold damage.
4. The closing height and stamping stroke of each CNC punch are different, so the upper die must be adjusted to the shortest for each set of forming die when it is used for the first time, and it should not be used directly on another punch. It needs to be fine-tuned before use. Avoid damage to machine tools and molds.

5. The full molding of the mold requires micro-distance adjustment, and the operator must be patient and careful in this process.

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