Reasons and solutions for insufficient pressure of high-speed punch


Many customers are asking that they have encountered insufficient pressure on our high-speed presses, so what is the reason? How to solve the insufficient pressure of the high-speed punch?
Insufficient high-speed punch pressure generally has the following situations:
1. The fuel tank is low
      How to fix it: Come on.
2. The adjustment pressure of the relief valve in the oil inlet pipeline is too low
      How to solve it: adjust the pressure of the relief valve to increase.
3. The voltage is too low and the motor speed is reduced
      How to fix it: Deal with voltage issues.
4. The throttle valve in the oil return pipeline is not properly adjusted, and the back pressure caused by throttling is too large
      How to solve it: Adjust the opening of the throttle valve to reduce the throttling effect.
5. The oil pump has internal leakage
      How to fix: Dispose of or replace the oil pump
6. The actual load becomes larger
      How to solve it: Check whether there is a change in the load, and remove the additional load.
7. The oil inlet or oil return pipeline is too thin
      How to solve it: Replace the pipe with a larger diameter.
8. The hydraulic cylinder has internal leakage
      How to solve: Repair or replace the hydraulic pump.
9. There is obvious leakage in the pipeline
      How to fix it: deal with the pipeline.

The above situations may cause insufficient pressure on the high-speed punch. If the above checks are all correct, you can also consult us at any time, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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