Welcome to know Zhejiang Yitian Precision Machinery Co.,ltd


Zhejiang Yitian Precision Machinery Co.,ltd. is a professional power press machine & high speed press machine manufacturer in China. We have two brands TYD & ETONE. With great products and a brilliant team, Etone has grown to be a leader in China's press /punching/high speed lamination press industry now. We have our factory area of 860,000 square feet.
Most of our engineers and workers are from Fairoaks and Japan factories. Now, we become the biggest high speed lamination press manufacturer in China. 
We have the customers for stamping stator and Rotor of ceiling fan, air conditions, lamination for servo motor, sealing motor, geared motor, air conditioner compressor motor, refrigerator compressor, automobile motor, Fan Motor, Ventilation, Refrigeration, Washing Machine Motor, Starter Motor, Engine Cooling Motor, Sunroof Motor, Shaded Pole Motor, HVAC Motor, Electric Turbo Motor, ABS Motor, Tubular Motor, DC Inverter Motor, Segmented, Universal Motor.
Our high speed precision press save energy, environmental protection, safety, precision, high efficiency. Besides domestic market, our press machines are also exported to Turkey, Iran, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, USA and some Europe and America countries .

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