Common collocation and selection of high-speed punch automation equipment


1. The unwinding and uncoiling material racks are selected by plane electronic feeder. The high speed punch press has narrow width, thin thickness, and fast speed requirements. The uncoiling speed of 16m per minute for ordinary vertical material racks is far from meeting the needs of high-speed punch uncoiling, while flat electronic gifts are given, and the uncoiling speed is fast and the material is stable. At the same time, it has the function of automatic speed control, which is a material rack suitable for high-speed punching machines. Of course, if you want to choose a material rack with a lower price, you can also choose a light material rack.

2. Select high-speed clip feeder for feeding. The punching speed of the high speed punch is fast, usually reaching more than 500 times, and the clip feeding speed can reach 1200 times/min, which can fully exert the punching performance of the high-speed punch. If you want to choose a cheaper one, you can also choose a high-speed roller. feeder.

3. Select the light-controlled terminal receiving machine for receiving materials. The material strip is often not cut off after being punched by the high speed punching machine, so it needs to be wound and collected by the receiving equipment. In order to ensure that the material strip is not burned after punching, the vertical or horizontal light-controlled terminal receiving machine is selected. There is no requirement for the surface quality of the strip, and an induction terminal feeder can also be selected.

4. The sound insulation and noise reduction equipment is selected as the punch sound insulation box. Due to the different low-speed stamping of traditional punching machines and precision punching machines, high-speed punching machines have fast stamping speeds, which will generate a lot of stamping noise during high-speed processing and production. The necessary auxiliary equipment for the high-speed punch of the speaker.
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