How to choose a venue for a high-speed punch


The following is to tell the press manufacturer to share with you the site selection considerations for high-speed presses.
     (1) When choosing a high-speed punching site, first of all, avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, avoid places that are too humid or dusty, try to use it in an air-conditioned environment, and keep the room temperature around 20 °C. The domestic climate is mild, affected by the monsoon, and the temperature difference is large. For CNC machine tools with high precision and high prices, they should be placed in an air-conditioned room.
     (2) Avoid locations where corrosive gases are generated. Corrosive gases can easily deteriorate electronic components, or cause poor contact, or cause short circuits of components, affecting the normal operation of the machine.
     (3) Keep away from high-vibration equipment (such as high-speed punching machines, forging equipment, etc.). In order to ensure high machining accuracy, anti-vibration measures, such as anti-vibration trenches, should also be taken.
     (4) Keep away from strong electromagnetic interference sources to ensure smooth operation of the machine tool.
     Stamping parts need to use high-speed punches and dies at room temperature, but due to the action of pressure, the coils, coils, and strips are permanently deformed or separated under the action of pressure to manufacture the required various shapes of parts.
     High-speed punches can be used to process both metal materials and non-metal materials. Like cutting, casting, electrical machining and other processing methods, it is widely used in industrial production. Because it is a high-productivity processing method, it occupies a very important position in industries such as aviation, automobiles, LED lights, motors, electrical appliances, and precision instruments.
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