Preparations before using the high-speed punch


In the production process before using the high-speed punching machine, due to the difference in the structure, shape, size, precision requirements and production volume of the stamping parts, as well as the specific production conditions and other factors, when the customer purchases the Jiawang high-speed punching machine, the high-speed punching machine several aspects are explained. As much as possible during production, care is taken to maximize machine performance.
(1) Although the Jiawang high-speed press has been inspected in the factory, during the actual operation, the final safety performance must be inspected before the production work starts.
(2) Before the preparation, the high-speed press feeds the material through the automatic feeder, and the working speed is fast, and manual feeding is not allowed, and the machine must be prepared for normal operation.
(3) Make sure that the operator is familiar with the use of the punch and operate it;
(4) The manufacturer should formulate detailed safety operating procedures, which should be posted on the high-speed punch and some other prominent positions for the operator to see.
(5) Determine the positioning of the process.
(6) Determine the shape and size of the semi-finished product.
(7) After determining the nature, quantity, sequence and combination of the above steps, it is necessary to consider whether other stamping auxiliary steps have been taken. If it is to be used, the sequence of auxiliary processes in the entire high-speed stamping process should be determined.
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