How to choose an excellent C-type punch?


The selection of C-type high-speed punch is mainly determined according to the nature of the stamping process, the size of the production batch, the geometry, size and accuracy requirements of the stamping parts. There are many types of stamping equipment commonly used in stamping production. The following factors should be considered when selecting stamping equipment:
1. Whether the type and working form of the stamping equipment are suitable for the process to be completed, and whether it meets the requirements of safe production and environmental protection. For the blanking process, medium and small blanking parts are usually ordinary punching machines. Large, medium and precision blanking parts, fine blanking uses a special C-type high-speed punch. Hydraulic presses are generally not used in the blanking process due to their slow speed and low efficiency, and sudden unloading at the end of blanking will produce shock and vibration.
2. Whether the pressure and power of the stamping equipment meet the requirements of the process to be completed.
3. Whether the die height, work table size, stroke, etc. of the stamping equipment are suitable for the die used to complete the process.
4. Whether the number of strokes of the stamping equipment meets the requirements of production efficiency, etc.
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