Reasons and solutions for air leakage of high-speed punch presses


The gas of the high-speed punchis to ensure the normal operation of the punch and the use of the clutch brake, and is the core to ensure the safety, efficiency and stability of the punch. When we encounter a high-speed punch leak, listen to the pros teach us how to deal with:
1. The high-speed punch balancer (lining. Pressure regulating valve) is faulty.
Treatment method: Check whether there is air leakage up and down the balancer cylinder. If so, replace the balancer liner.
2. High-speed punch pneumatic pipeline problem (trachea loosening and rupture, quick joint)
Treatment method: Check whether the air pipe joint of the high-speed punch is aged and damaged. Yes, replace the connector.
3. Punch die pad problem.
Treatment method: Check whether the airbag is ruptured and leaked.
4. OVERLOAD failure.
Treatment method: disassemble and check whether the lining is damaged. If damaged, the lining needs to be replaced.
5. Air leakage from the high-speed punch filter.
Treatment method: Check whether the filter oil cup is broken.
6. High-speed punch solenoid valve (inner gasket) failure.
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