Process of high-speed punch die design scheme


The following is the process of the high-speed punch die design plan shared by the high-speed punch manufacturer for you:
1. Analyze the process performance of stamping parts. According to the stamping part drawing, analyze whether its appearance characteristics, specifications, precision requirements and commonly used raw materials meet the design requirements of precision high-speed punching machines. Excellent precision high-speed punch design should ensure stable product quality, fewer processes, less raw material consumption, simple mold structure, safety and convenience in actual operation. If the process performance of the stamping parts is found to be poor, the design staff should carry out necessary and effective measures on the appearance, specifications, precision requirements and even the use of raw materials of the stamping parts under the premise of ensuring the application of the product. change.
2. Define the processing technology plan. For a stamping part, there may be several design plans (including process characteristics, number of processes, process sequence and composition method) of its precision high-speed punching machine, which need to be analyzed and compared from the aspects of quality, high efficiency, cost and safety. , and then define a plan suitable for the given manufacturing standards. When formulating the processing technology plan, some must carry out the necessary processing technology calculation to clarify the shape and specifications of the rough embryo, and its inter-process specifications. Some companies assign the two tasks mentioned above (analyzing the process performance of stamping parts and formulating a processing technology plan) to professional processing technology staff, but the mold design staff must carry out confirmation work before designing the mold. middle. Only after the process performance and processing plan of the commodity (stamping part) are determined, the actual mold design work can be carried out.
3. Select the type and structure of the precision high-speed punch.
4. Measure the work pressure of each process, and define the work pressure management center.
5. Clarify the model specifications and mold installation specifications of high-speed punching machines.
6. Draw layout drawings and process diagrams.
7. Drawing the general drawing of the precision high-speed punching machine (the lower plane design, the upper plane and the cross-section, etc.).
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