Reasons and troubleshooting steps for precision punching machine failures


When the precision punch fails, how to troubleshoot the cause of the failure, the following will be introduced to you by the high-speed precision punch manufacturer.
Q1. When "card die" occurs
Step 1. Stop the motor.
Step 2. If the angle of the slider does not exceed 180 degrees, turn the forward and reverse switch of the punch to the "reverse" position. If the slider angle has exceeded 180 degrees, turn the forward/reverse switch to the "forward" position.
Step 3. Select the "Off" position for punch operation.
Step 4. Press the "Motor Start" button to make the motor run.
Step 5. Operate to select the "jog" position.
Step 6. Press the operation button of the operation box to make the slider rise.
Step 7. After the situation is eliminated, please restore the normal operation mode of the punch.
Step 8. If the situation cannot be ruled out, please contact the after-sales department of Jinzhide Press Factory.

Q2. When "overload" occurs
Step 1. When the overload indicator is on, it means that the stamping process has exceeded the stamping capacity range that the punch can use.
Step 2. Operate to select the "jog" position.
Step 3. Press the operation button of the operation box to make the angle of the slider exceed 330 degrees and it will automatically reset.
Step 4. Find out the cause of overload.
Step 5. If the closing height of the punch press is incorrect, please adjust the die height.
Step 6. If it exceeds the nominal tonnage of the punch, please re-select the appropriate machine.
Step 7. If there is a mold problem, please disassemble the mold to check.

Q3. When "the punching speed will become slower"
Step 1. Check whether the V-belt of the motor drive is too loose.
Step 2. Check whether the lubrication system of each oil circuit of the punch press is normal.
Step 3. Whether to use super energy continuously for a long time.
Step 4. The motor or the inverter is abnormal.
Step 5. Check whether there is any abnormality in the clutch of the punch press, whether the pad is worn, etc.
Step 6. Check whether the air pressure is standard.

Q4. When the "air pressure indicator lights up red"
Step 1. Check whether the air compressor pressure is insufficient and whether the pressure setting button is adjusted improperly. If so, please have experienced personnel adjust it.
Step 2. Check and calculate whether the air pressure from the air compressor can meet the usage of the precision punch.
Step 3. Check whether the intake pressure regulating valve is faulty. If the valve is ineffective after dismantling, overhauling, cleaning and lubricating, replace the valve.
Step 4. Check whether the joints or pipelines are damaged and leaking, and wrap the leaking parts with leak-proof tapes, or replace the pipelines.
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