How to choose a high speed precision punch manufacturer


The appearance of high-speed precision punching machines is similar, but it depends on the details, quality and service, and then judge the quality of the products according to what you are actually processing, the quantity and precision of punching.
The editor believes that when buying a punch, depending on the quality of the punch, the selection criteria are as follows:
1. Accuracy: Whether the accuracy of stamping can reach the error range of 0.01mm, these are mainly for relatively precise products;
2. Speed: The speed of traditional punch and high-speed precision punch is very different. One high-speed can be used as several traditional low-speed;
3. After-sales: The response time and after-sales capabilities of manufacturers are also very important;
4. On-site inspection: If conditions permit, you can also conduct on-site inspection to see the company's production scale, the strength of the R&D team, and whether it has its own trademark.
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