How to choose a suitable feeder for a high speed punch


The special clip feeder for high-speed punch presses has 4 performance characteristics:
1. High feeding speed and stable performance. The main body of the clip feeder is different from the body of other feeding models. It adopts an integrated body structure, which can fundamentally avoid vibration during high-speed stamping. At the same time, its camber cam and The structure design of 3 plate cams maximizes the accuracy and stability of high-speed feeding.
2. The adjustment is simple and intuitive, and the debugging and setting are quick. The adjustment of the feeding length of the clip feeder only needs to adjust the scale on its body, which is intuitive, clear, fast and accurate.
3. Energy saving and high efficiency, quiet operation. The clip-type feeder is powered by the output shaft of the punch press, without consuming other energy, and has good energy saving, and the transmission adopts a belt-type transmission mode, which is quiet in operation and does not produce additional noise.
4. The clamps are specially processed to improve the scope of application. The clamps of the clip feeder have been specially processed, and there are multiple styles of clamps designed according to various shapes of materials. The clamping and releasing actions are stable and the pressure is moderate, which will not cause any indentation on the surface of the material. , can cooperate with high-speed punching machine to process some electroplated materials, red copper, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and irregular shape materials.
 Air feeder, roller feeder, and NC feeder are widely known by customers as the three most commonly used feeding equipment in the stamping industry. They are not the same, but their scope of application is somewhat the same, that is, they are only suitable for use with medium and low-speed punching machines, and cannot be used with high-speed punching machines for high-speed stamping. What kind of feeding equipment should be used for high-speed stamping occasions?
The high-speed punch uses its own proprietary feeding equipment, which is the clip feeder. It is an ideal feeder for high-speed punches. Its high feeding speed can reach 1200 times/min. Other types of feeding equipment are far incomparable.
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