Stamping accuracy of high-speed punch


The gantry high-speed punch has stricter requirements on the deviation of material thickness during the stamping process. This is because there are some gaps in the mold, which are suitable for stamping materials with a certain thickness. If the die gap is the same and the difference between the thickness and material of the stamping part is large, the quality and precision of the workpiece will be lower, and the die will be easily damaged. Especially during drawing, flanging and bending, production waste may result due to uneven material thickness. In the case of forming large workpieces, it is even possible to damage the machine. The precision range (parallelism, verticality, comprehensive clearance, etc.) of the gantry high-speed punch produced by Ningbo Yitian Seiko is high in the industry standard, which is also to create better and more refined products for customers.
The requirements for material accuracy of various high-speed punching machines in the market all come from relevant national standards. In addition to specifying the dimensional tolerances of the length, width and thickness of the sheet, the technical standards also specify other quality standards, such as the limit deviation of material thickness and wave arc. Some customers also use high-speed punches and also provide length and width tolerances for cutting conditions. These precision requirements are to ensure that the stamping can be done according to the design of the layout without wasting material. at the same time. It is also necessary to ensure that the material is correctly positioned on the punch of the high-speed punch, and that the stamped part after stamping is as perfect as possible, without missing edges and corners.
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