The adjustment of the stamping press machine


1. Clearance between sliding block and guide rail of the stamping press machine
The clearance adjustment between the sliding block and the guide rail is mainly for accuracy, and heating will occur when the adjustment is too tight. Generally, each side of small machines is 0.02 ~ 0.05mm, and each side of large machines is 0.03 ~ 0.20mm.

2. Comprehensive gap of the stamping press machine
Correction method of comprehensive clearance: touch the sliding block body in motion by hand during production. When the sliding block runs to the bottom dead center, there is a sense of vibration, indicating that the comprehensive clearance is too large and needs to be adjusted in time.

3. Locking of slider connecting rod(stamping press machine)
Due to long-term use or overload, the connecting rod will loosen, which is generally considered as overload; In addition, oil leaching at the binding site may also be overload; In this state, the locking degree of connecting rod lock nut must be adjusted in time, because it is related to safety.

4. Maintenance of brake and clutch
The brake and clutch of the press are important parts for the safe operation of the press. It is the inducement of major safety accidents. Therefore, its basic structure must be understood, and its safety performance must be confirmed before operation every day, In case of any abnormality (such as the slider cannot stop at the specified position, there is abnormal sound, abnormal vibration, slow action of the slider, etc.) report to the maintenance in time.

In addition, the maintenance personnel should also pay attention to the performance of excessive clearance between the friction plates of the brake and clutch: the amount of compressed air increases, and the sliding block of the press crawls. In serious cases, the sliding block will operate continuously once, which is absolutely not allowed to happen. If the adjustment clearance is too small, the friction plates of the brake and clutch will produce friction sound, heating, motor current rise and other phenomena, which will also cause damage to the return spring. (the normal clearance standard is 1.5 ~ 3.0mm).

5. Disengagement
The disengagement usually occurs at the bottom dead center. When the upper and lower dies are closed, the sliding block cannot operate normally. At this time, the motor can be reversed and the pressure of air compressor can be increased. Turn the operation selection button to the "inching" state and pull the slider up to the top dead center in several times(stamping press machine)
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