Daily maintenance and maintenance of the punch


When some companies use punch presses at work, they often do not have punch related maintenance professionals, so here we will introduce the daily maintenance of punch presses. The following are two ways of maintenance.
    When the punch press is used for 1500-2000 hours of daily maintenance, it is necessary to test and adjust the oil output and pressure detection effect of the lubricating grease.
    Oxygen system filter, oil feeder control valve and other functions and moisture impurity test inspection and necessary adjustment. Oxygen pressure switch setting value check and pressure detection function test and regulation. Check the setting value of the die height command switch and check and control the measured value. Check and adjust the chain pulley, chain, transmission shaft, worm gear and worm of other components of the mold height beam adjustment device for looseness, abnormality and chain tension. The upper cover of the gear transmission case is dismantled, and the wear of the internal parts and the loose state of the keys are checked, and the oil tank cleaning is carried out, the lubricating oil is replaced, and the running state, noise, and vibration are tested and checked. Test and control the oil output and pressure of the oil injection points in each part of the transmission system. The piston action of the off-brake mechanism, the braking angle, the gap of the off-brake and the test point and necessary adjustment of the wear amount of the pad.
    The punching machine adopts 3000-4000 hours of maintenance and maintenance for the test of the photoelectric safety installation function and the test and regulation of the throwing angle and area. The appearance of the other parts of the electrical system, the point of contact wear and loose connection, the test and the test of the second-degree rotation cam switch box and the emergency stop circuit function test and control. Oil circuit cleaning, oil chamber cleaning, oil replacement and pressure action and function test regulation for overload protection installation. Main motor V-belt wear and tension state inspection and regulation. The components of the off-brake mechanism are disassembled and disassembled (not included in the flywheel), cleaned and maintained, and the gaps are checked and adjusted, and they are assembled and debugged. Disassemble and disassemble the other components of the leveler, clean and inspect and re-install and debug. Use 6000-8000 hours of maintenance to disassemble and disassemble the saw tooth connecting rod, clean and maintain, check the occlusion and wear of the saw tooth and connecting rod rib, and polish, polish the occlusal surface and apply grease. The ball seat, pressing cover, overload hydraulic cylinder, worm gear, worm and other parts in the slider assembly need to be disassembled and disassembled, cleaned and maintained, gap adjustment and wear surface, oil seal inspection and re-applied lubricating grease. The die pad is dismantled, cleaned, inspected, and the wear surfaces are re-applied with grease, and then assembled and tested.
    The above is about the maintenance and maintenance of the punching machine. Whether it is a punching machine, a press machine or a forging machine tool, it needs to be maintained in time. Timely maintenance will effectively extend the effective life of the machine itself.
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