The operating principle of the mechanical power press


The products or parts produced by punch or hydraulic machine tool for mechanical punch are called stamping parts(mechanical power press). The basic elements are stamping power, male die, female die and raw materials of products (usually metal plate or wire). The operation principle of stamping machine tool is that the machine tool drives the opening and closing of male die and female die under the action of stamping power, and the raw materials between them are shaped by cutting, punching and stretching

Also known as mechanical stamping machine, it uses the compressed air provided by the compressed air pump to enter the cylinder through the solenoid valve to drive the piston to the main shaft to form a downward movement, so as to form an impulse and make the workpiece produce specified deformation in the die to achieve the purpose of processing. For the convenience of customers, an electrical control part is added to the equipment, which greatly improves the work efficiency

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