The classification of the high speed press


1. According to the driving force of the slider, it can be divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type, so the punch press can be divided into(high speed press)
(1) Mechanical punch
(2) Hydraulic punch

In general sheet metal stamping, most of them use mechanical punch. Hydraulic presses use different liquids. There are hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses. Most of them use hydraulic presses, while hydraulic presses are mostly used for large machinery or special machinery.

2. Classification according to sliding block movement mode(high speed press)
According to the movement mode of the slider, there are single acting, double acting and triple acting presses. The single acting press with one slider is the most used. The double acting and triple acting presses are mainly used in the drawing processing of automobile body and large machined parts, and their number is very small.

3. Classification according to slider driving mechanism(high speed press)
(1) Crankshaft punch
The press using crankshaft mechanism is called Crankshaft Press, and most mechanical presses use this mechanism. The reason why the crankshaft mechanism is used most is that it is easy to make, can correctly determine the lower end position of the stroke, and the motion curve of the slider is generally suitable for all kinds of processing. Therefore, this type of stamping is suitable for punching, bending, stretching, hot forging, warm forging, cold forging and almost all other punch processing.

(2) Crankshaft free punch
Crankshaft free punch, also known as eccentric gear punch. The comparison of the functions of the two structures of crankshaft punch and eccentric gear punch is shown in Table 2. The structure of eccentric gear punch is better than that of crankshaft in terms of shaft rigidity, lubrication, appearance and maintenance, but the disadvantage is that the price is high. When the stroke is long, the eccentric gear punch is more favorable, and when the stroke of the special punching machine is short, the crankshaft punch is better. Therefore, small machines and high-speed punching and cutting punches are also the field of crankshaft punch.

(3) Toggle punch
Those who use toggle mechanism on slider drive are called toggle punch. This punch has a unique slider motion curve that the slider speed near the bottom dead center will become very slow (compared with the crankshaft punch). It also correctly determines the dead center position under the stroke. Therefore, this punch is suitable for compression processing such as embossing and finishing, and cold forging is most used.

(4) Friction punch
The punch that uses friction transmission and screw mechanism on track drive is called friction punch. This punch is most suitable for forging and crushing operations. It can also be used for bending, forming and stretching. It has multi-purpose functions. It was widely used before the war because of its low price. Due to the inability to determine the lower end of the stroke, poor machining accuracy, slow production speed, overload caused by wrong control operation, and the need for skilled technology in use, it is gradually being eliminated.

(5) Screw punch
The screw mechanism used on the slider driving mechanism is called screw punch (or screw punch).

(6) Rack punch
The rack and pinion mechanism used on the slider driving mechanism is called rack punch. Screw punch and rack punch have almost the same characteristics, and their characteristics are roughly the same as those of hydraulic punch. It used to be used for pressing, oil pressing, baling, and pressing out of cartridge case (hot room thinning) of bushing, debris and other articles, but it has been replaced by hydraulic punch and is no longer used except under very special circumstances.

(7) Connecting rod punch
A punch that uses various linkage mechanisms on the slider drive mechanism is called a linkage punch. The purpose of using the connecting rod mechanism is to keep the stretching speed within the limit while shortening the processing cycle. By reducing the speed change of the stretching processing, the speed of the approach travel from the top dead center to the processing start point and the return travel from the bottom dead center to the top dead center can be accelerated, so that it has a shorter cycle than the crankshaft punch, so as to improve the productivity. This punch has been used for deep drawing of cylindrical containers since ancient times, and the table top is narrow. Recently, it has been used for processing the main panel of automobile, and the table top is wide.

(8) Cam punch
A punch that uses a cam mechanism on the slider drive mechanism is called a cam punch. The punch is characterized by making an appropriate cam shape so that the desired slider motion curve can be easily obtained. However, due to the nature of cam mechanism, it is difficult to convey large force, so the capacity of this punch is very small.
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