The precaution of using the high speed press


Before work(high speed press)
(1) Check the lubrication of each part and ensure that all lubricating electricity is fully lubricated;
(2) Check whether the mold installation is correct and reliable;
(3) Check whether the compressed air pressure is within the specified range;
(4) Be sure to disconnect the flywheel and clutch before starting the motor;
(5) When the motor starts, check whether the rotation direction of the flywheel is the same as the rotation mark;
(6) Make the press idle for several times and check the operation of brake, clutch and control part

at work(high speed press)
(1) The manual lubricating oil pump shall be used to supply lubricating oil to the lubricating points regularly;
(2) When the performance of the press is not familiar, the press shall not be adjusted without authorization;
(3) It is absolutely forbidden to punch two layers of plates at the same time;
(4) In case of abnormal operation, stop working immediately and check in time

After work(high speed press)
(1) Disconnect the flywheel and clutch, cut off the power supply and release the remaining air;
(2) Wipe the press clean and coat the worktable with anti rust oil;
(3) Make records after each operation or maintenance
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