How to choose the size of the precision punch?


Precision punch is a relatively common piece of equipment, and there are many models, so how to choose the size of the precision punch?
1. When choosing precision punching equipment, you must first clearly understand the characteristics of the processed products (including the nature of the stamping process used, the size of the production batch, the geometry and size of the stamping parts, the accuracy requirements, the allocation of the process, the method of picking up the finished product, waste disposal, etc.)
2. The characteristics of various types of precision punching equipment (including the size of pressure and power, what auxiliary devices and functions it has, stroke, speed, accuracy, mold installation space, operating space, etc.).
3. Then make a combination that suits the characteristics of the two. That is to say, the performance of the selected precision punching equipment is adapted to the requirements of the processing of the product on the performance of the equipment, and no shortage or waste is caused as much as possible. Then, determine the type of equipment and its specifications.

The user should determine the type of precision punch according to the number and speed of stamping products required. Different punch models have different material selection.

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