How to judge whether the C-type high-speed punch can be used as a stator and rotor


1. Look at the stamping process of the c-type high-speed punch
1.1 According to the nature of the stamping process to be completed, the size of the production batch, the geometric dimensions of the stamping parts (the thickness of the package, whether to stretch, the shape of the sample) and the accuracy requirements to determine:
1.2. For the production of small and medium-sized parts, curved parts, and polyester parts, open mechanical punches are used.
1.3. In the production of medium-sized stamping parts, a mechanical punch press with a closed structure is used.
1.4. Small batch production, the production of large thick plate stamping parts adopts hydraulic press.
1.5. In mass production or mass production of complex parts at the beginning, use a high-speed punch or a multi-station automatic punch.
2. Look at the power type of the c-type high-speed punch

3. Look at the appearance of the high-speed punch, whether it is a gantry or an open type, and whether the shell is a casting or a steel frame.

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