Daily maintenance of H-type high-speed punch


Coil stamping is one of the basic methods of plastic forming, which is to use H-type high-speed punch on the mold to separate or form the material to obtain the desired shape and size. So what are the maintenance aspects of the H-type high-speed punch?
The maintenance of H-type high-speed punch includes: daily maintenance and maintenance of equipment accessories.
(1) Carry out daily maintenance in strict accordance with the machine maintenance system formulated by the enterprise.
(2) Regularly check and replace seals to prevent hydraulic system leakage;
(3) Regularly check the oil in the fuel tank, filter, replace;
(4) Check the working performance of the cooler and heater, and control the oil temperature;
(5) Regularly check and clean or replace hydraulic parts, filter, and regularly check cleaning tanks and pipes;
Equipment maintenance: The automatic tool changer is the structural feature of the machining center that is different from other high-speed punches. It has the function of automatically replacing the required tools according to the requirements of the processing technology, which helps the high-speed punch to save time and meets the requirements of multi-process and step-by-step processing in one installation. Therefore, in the operation and use, attention should be paid to frequently check the mechanical structure of the automatic tool changer, whether the operation is normal and whether there is any abnormality; check the lubrication is good, pay attention to the reliability and safety inspection of the tool changer.
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