The basic structure of the stamping press machine(3)


33. Fixing plate(stamping press machine)
The fixing plate is a plate-shaped part for fixing the punch.

34. Fix the discharge plate(stamping press machine)
The fixed discharge plate is a discharge plate fixed in a fixed position on the die. (see "discharge plate").

35. Fix retaining pin (plate)
The fixed retaining pin (plate) is a retaining pin (plate) fixed in the die. (refer to "stop pin (plate)").

36. Unloader(stamping press machine)
Unloader is a non plate part or device that unloads work (sequence) parts from the outer surface of punch.

37. Discharge plate(stamping press machine)
Discharge plate is a fixed or movable plate-shaped part that removes materials or work (sequence) parts from the punch. The discharge plate is sometimes integrated with the guide plate and plays the role of material guide. It is still called the discharge plate.

38. Discharge screw(stamping press machine)
The unloading screw is a screw fixed on the elastic unloading plate, which is used to limit the static position of the elastic unloading plate.

39. Single process mold
Single process die is a die that completes only one process in one stroke of the press.

40. Scrap cutter
There are two kinds of scrap cutters. 1. A cutter installed on the flange trimming die of the drawing part to cut off the whole circle of trimming waste for easy removal. 2. A cutter installed on a press or die for cutting strip (strip, roll) waste according to a fixed length for easy removal.

41. Combined die
The combined die is a universal and adjustable complete set of dies that gradually form various punching parts according to geometric elements (straight line, angle, arc and hole). The outline of a planar Punch usually needs several sets of combined dies to be punched in several times.

42. Starting stop pin (plate)
The starting stop pin (plate) is a part for positioning when the starting end of the material is fed. The starting retaining pins (plates) are mobile.

43. Block
The block is each assembled part of a complete die, punch, discharge plate or fixed plate.

44. Stop (plate)
The stop (plate) is a hardened part for positioning when the material cut through the side edge is sent in, and it is also used to balance the single-sided cutting force on the side edge. The stopper (plate) is generally used together with the side edge.

45. Stop pin (plate)
The retaining pin (plate) is a positioning part of the material along the feeding direction. It is called the retaining pin or retaining plate because of its different shape. Retaining pin (plate) is a general term for fixed retaining pin (plate), movable retaining pin (plate), initial retaining pin (plate), etc.

46. Backing plate
The backing plate is a hardened plate-like part between the fixed plate (or die) and the die base to reduce the unit compressive stress borne by the die base.
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