Introduction and characteristics of pneumatic press (pneumatic press).


Pneumatic punch product introduction:

1. Use 0.2-1MPA compressed air as the power source, low noise, no pollution, easy to operate. External AC220V AC power supply. The total power consumption does not exceed 20W;

2. The mechanical start mode adopts double button switch (or foot switch) design;

3. The working height can be adjusted according to the size of the product or mold, the cylinder stroke is adjustable, the cylinder stroke adjustment is simple, the cylinder downward speed is adjustable, (quickly requires a quick exhaust valve); it can also be customized according to customer requirements; 4. Need to adjust the air pressure regulator. The required pressing force can be achieved, which is simple and convenient;

5. Single-column open design on the left and right front three sides, light and handy, does not occupy space, simple structure, smooth performance, minimal maintenance, and high production efficiency;

6. Additional heating molds and intelligent temperature controllers can be added, which are suitable for processes such as hot pressing, imprinting, embossing, etc.)

7. With automatic counting, pressing time setting function.

8. Optional workbench: 600*600*700mm (length*width*height).

9.The output range of this series of presses is 100kgf, 150kgf, 300 kgf, 500 kgf, 800kgf, 1200, 2200kgf, (1kgf=9.8N)

10. Special requirements can be customized.

Features of pneumatic punch:

1. Small size, light weight, convenient operation, only single-phase AC220V power supply and air source are needed;

2. Low energy consumption, no noise, convenient operation and high safety;

3. This machine is suitable for punching, riveting, printing, cutting, pressing and so on. 

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