Will the noise of the high-speed precision punching machine in the production process affect the punching accuracy?


There are many stamping processes that need to be used for punching in the work. Different punching equipment can be used for different needs. For some companies that use high-speed precision punching machines, the precision is relatively high, so the noise during the production process will affect the production process. Does stamping accuracy have any effect?
The load noise is the noise generated when the high-speed precision punch presses the product. The same high-speed precision punch uses different stamping processes, and the noise generated is also different. The parts that generate noise from the punch press can be divided into the following categories:
There are three pairs of friction pairs in the crank and connecting rod slider structure of the high-speed precision punching machine: the small end of the connecting rod and the slider ball seat; the crankshaft journal and the crankshaft bush; the crank journal and the large end bearing bush of the connecting rod. Due to production and debugging errors and actual needs, there are inevitably gaps between these components. The relative movement between components, when transitioning from free movement to contact movement, inevitably brings collisions, and the larger the gap, the stronger the noise. In addition, when the gap is fixed, the greater the number of slider strokes, the greater the noise.
High-speed precision punching machine motor noise, as a power source, the noise generated when the motor is running includes electromagnetic noise, aerodynamic noise and mechanical noise of the motor winding. The degree of motor noise mainly depends on the power and speed of the motor. The electromagnetic noise of the motor is generally caused by the interaction of alternating electromagnetic fields to excite the rotor and stator to vibrate, usually high-frequency noise.
In fact, there are two types of noise generated by high-speed precision punching machines: no-load noise and load noise. No-load noise is the noise when the high-speed precision press is running without materials. It includes motor noise, impact noise generated by the clearance of running parts, and collision noise of clutches and gears. One of the most important sources of noise is clutch and gear collision noise. It can be said that these mechanical noises have little effect on the stamping accuracy for high-speed precision punching machines with sufficient tonnage. Therefore, we hereby call on our customers to choose a good punch brand with low noise and stable performance when choosing a high-speed precision punch.
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