Different types of stamping press machine (3)


(5) Screw press(stamping press machine)
The screw mechanism used on the slider driving mechanism is called screw punch (or screw punch).

(6) Rack press(stamping press machine)
The rack and pinion mechanism used on the slider driving mechanism is called rack punch. Screw punch and rack punch have almost the same characteristics, and their characteristics are roughly the same as those of hydraulic punch. It used to be used for pressing bushing, debris and other articles, oil pressing, baling, and pressing out of cartridge case (hot room thinning), but now it has been replaced by hydraulic punch, which is no longer used except under very special conditions.

(7) Link press(stamping press machine)
A punch that uses various linkage mechanisms on the slider drive mechanism is called a linkage punch. The purpose of using the connecting rod mechanism is to keep the stretching speed within the limit while reducing the processing cycle. The speed change of reducing the stretching processing speed is used to accelerate the speed of the approach travel from the top dead center to the processing start point and the return travel from the bottom dead center to the top dead center, so that it has a shorter cycle than the crankshaft punch, so as to improve the productivity. This kind of punch has been used for deep drawing of cylindrical containers since ancient times. The table top is narrow, but it is used for processing the main panel of automobile, and the table top is wide.

(8) Cam press (stamping press machine)
A punch that uses a cam mechanism on the slider drive mechanism is called a cam punch. The punch is characterized by a properly made cam shape, so that the desired slider movement curve can be easily obtained. However, due to the nature of cam mechanism, it is difficult to convey large force, so the capacity of this punch is very small.
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