What is the reason for the fast wear of the punch of the high-speed precision punch?


The main reasons for the rapid wear of punches of high-speed precision punching machines are as follows:
1. The mold gap is too small. It is generally recommended that the total mold gap be 20%~25% of the material thickness.
2. The alignment of the convex and concave molds is not good, including the lack of precision of the mold base, the mold guide components and the turret inserts, which cause the mold to be badly aligned.
3. The temperature of the punch is too high, mainly due to the overheating of the punch caused by continuous long-term stamping of the same die.
4. Improper mold sharpening method results in mold annealing and increased wear.

5. Local unilateral punching, such as nibbling, punching or shearing, the lateral force will cause the punch to deviate to one side, and the clearance of this side will be reduced, resulting in serious mold wear. If the machine tool mold installation accuracy is not high, Seriously, the punch will deflect the lower die, causing damage to the punch and die.

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