What are the materials used in the high-speed punch


High-speed punching machines have requirements for the materials used, generally sheets and profiles, and sheets are divided into sheets and coils. Specific materials can be divided into the following categories:
1. Metal material: ordinary steel plate, which is mostly used for punching and plate work, or work with small deformation.
2. Non-metallic materials: Non-metallic materials mainly include paper rubber board, cloth rubber board, asbestos board, rubber board, glue board and so on. At present, high-speed punching machines are only limited to punching metal materials, not non-metallic materials. For stamping of non-metallic materials, you can consult the relevant low-speed precision punching machine.
Different materials have different characteristics in stamping processing. But there are common points of note:
1. The working surface of the mold should be as smooth as possible.
2. The cutting edge of the president die should be kept sharp, and it must be sharpened in time after being blunt.
3. Compared with carbon steel or non-ferrous metals, the die gap of stainless steel parts is relatively small.

4. Lubricant is used for C-type punch. When punching stainless steel parts, it is better to use lubricant with higher viscosity.

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