Different types stamping press machine(1)


According to different driving forces(stamping press machine)
The driving force of the slider can be divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type, so the punch press can be divided into:
(1) Mechanical power press
(2) Hydraulic press
For ordinary sheet metal stamping, most of them use mechanical punch. Hydraulic presses use different liquids, including hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses. Most of them use hydraulic presses, while hydraulic presses are mostly used for giant machinery or special machinery.

Classification by slider movement mode(stamping press machine)
According to the movement mode of the slider, there are single acting, compound acting and three acting presses. Only the single acting press with one slider is the most used today. Compound acting and three acting presses are mainly used in the drawing processing of automobile body and large machined parts, and their number is very small.
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