The feature and function of the high speed press


high speed press is the abbreviation of digital control punch. It is an active machine tool equipped with program control system. The control system can logically handle the program with control coding or other symbolic instruction rules, decode it, and then make the punch move and process parts.

The operation and monitoring of high speed press press are all completed in this CNC unit, which is the brain of high speed press press. Compared with ordinary punch presses, high speed press presses have many characteristics. First, they have high machining accuracy and stable machining quality; Secondly, it can carry out multi coordinate linkage, process parts with disordered shape, and can be cut and formed; Thirdly, when machining parts are changed, usually only the NC program needs to be changed, which can save the production preparation time; Together, the punch has high precision and rigidity, can choose favorable processing dosage and high production rate; Moreover, the punch has a high degree of initiative, which can reduce the labor intensity; In the end, the punch has higher essential demand for operators and higher skill demand for repairmen.

high speed press can be used for processing all kinds of metal sheet and hardware parts, and can actively complete a variety of messy hole types and shallow deep drawing forming at one time, (take the initiative to process holes of different shapes with different sizes and hole spacing as required, or use small die to punch large round holes, square holes, waist holes and curves of various shapes by step punching method, or carry out special process processing, such as shutter, shallow drawing, counterbore, flanging hole, stiffener, embossing, etc.) After a brief die combination, compared with the traditional stamping, it saves a lot of die costs, can use low cost and short cycle to process small batch and diversified products, has a large processing scale and processing capacity, and then get used to the changes of shopping malls and products in time
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